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Home Staging vs Interior Designing, Is There Really a Difference?

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Although there are similarities between interior design and home staging, the fact remains that the two are totally different and should be respected as such. Interior design enhances the beauty and comfort of a space for ones' personal enjoyment. Home Staging sole purpose is to peak the imagination of potential home buyers while a house is on the market.

Home Staging and Interior Design focuses on details like furniture selection, color coordination, accents, and lighting which has a dramatic impact of how a room looks and feels; however, one focuses more on personalizing their space or lifestyle and the other focuses on adding monetary value to a home. Side Note: Buyers will pay more for a staged home, and nearly 83% say that a staged home sells faster than an unstaged home.

A professional Home Stager might bring more natural light into the space, creating visual square footage by arranging furniture in a more inviting way. More than likely, they will pick a neutral color palette for the home, staying away from bold/bright colors. This will appeal to a number of potential home buyers. Interior designers will work in the bold/bright colors to create a personal effect/theme for the homeowner. They will turn regular living and working spaces from boring to amazing. This role requires a keen eye for detail as well as an understanding of color theory and textures to provide clients with the best advice possible. #stagingvsinteriordesign #professionalhomestager #professionalhomestaginganddesign #professionalhomestaging #professionalhomestagingcompany #professionalhomestagers #declutter365 #homestaging #homestagingworks #homestagingtips #homestager #homestagers #homestagerealty

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