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How Important is Lighting?

Lighting is a key element that should not be taken lightly (no pun intended) when preparing a house for sale. Insufficient lighting can make a house feel unwelcoming, small, dingy, and even make a buyer question if there are any flaws the seller is hiding. Well designed lighting can definitely enhance the mood of a buyer.

Update Lighting Fixtures

One of the things a seller must do in preparation for a sale is to get the light fixtures replaced. Some sellers think its a simple thing that can be fixed once the new owner takes ownership. But while that is true, the buyer will look at it as another added expense they will have to make on top of all the other costs they will incur.

Sellers should go through each room with a professional stager or interior designer to determine the best lighting or bulbs needed. Sometimes the problem is just a decor problem such as changing the paint color, window treatments, flooring, ceiling color or type bulb.

With the right lighting, it can make rooms look more appealing, airier and spacious. It can also make a big difference in how prospective buyers see a home. Changing lighting is an inexpensive update as compared to updates like kitchen cabinet replacements.

Always Go Natural

Natural light is the best light. Let the sunshine in as much as possible. By opening curtains and/or blinds and cleaning windows thoroughly, it will give a good ambiance for potential buyers and give the impression that the seller is not hiding defects (see previous blog post of this topic).

Energy-Efficient Lighting

There are many energy-efficient lighting to brighten up even the darkest, dim, drab room -

from LEDs (light emitting diodes) and CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps). While the two cost more than traditional bulbs, they last a long time and save homeowners money during their lifetimes. LEDs produce less heat than traditional bulbs and consequently decrease heating and cooling costs, leading to significant energy savings.

For more lighting information, click on the following website links:

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