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We know TIME IS MONEY!  STRC (Short Term Rental Connoisseur - a division of Perfectly pictured Decluttering & Staging Experts, llc) will turn that newly renovated rental into a professionally staged home.  We'll work closely and efficiently with you to design a look that can maximize and bring out the beauty of your newly renovated home.  We are your secret weapon to get your property rented faster and shorter time on the market.

Our goal is the same as yours: get the property sold fast, for top dollar and move on to the next project. The dividends are awesome from investing in staging. We'll do what we do best (stage) and you can focus on what you do best (sell)! Don't leave a vacant property on the market for months only to be forgotten!


We will select from its inventory, furnishings, art, accessories, rugs, etc. to make your space a place where the buyer "wants to live". We create a model home look to reach the demographic of your builds. We offer discounts for like units or to move to like units.

Contact us to schedule a consultation.  Timing is of the essence.

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